Beyond our creative capabilities, we pride ourselves on service. Whether you require strategic input or simply need a customized sign immediately, we can provide the expertise you require, tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Signs


Get your message across with a banner! Vinyl banners are a cheap and effective way to advertise your company, event, or product. Add your website to the banner and more people can check it out later.

Site Signs

Gererate awareness and create interest! Site signs are ideal for construction sites and commercial businesses. They are large, colorful, and convey your message to prospective buyers.
Site signs can help you to:

  • Announce building projects
  • Identify your business
  • Exhibit property before & after construction
  • Sell or lease space
  • Direct customers to your sales office
  • Show prospective buyers what the end product will look like

Window Graphics

Window graphics are commonly used in retail establishments to display promotions and special offers.

Street Signs

From portable ‘A’ frame and foldable free standing street signage through to fixed pole and post signage, Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting can design and install vivid colour digital vinyl graphics or plain solid colour text as required.

Shop Fronts

From signage on shopfront windows to overhead and street signage Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting can design and compliment your business profile.

Permanent signage through to temporary signage, advertising sales and promotions, Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting will design, manufacture and install to your satisfaction.


Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting will design and install your signage needs for your Commercial or Industrial premises.

Interior signage on doors, exits and passageways as well as exterior signage for your business premises and vehicle fleet will compliment and advertise your business.



Signs are about communication and image, and nothing conveys those messages more affordably, flexibly or effectively than the right sign or graphic.

Vinyl Text

Utilizing the latest sign writing software package, Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting after consultation with you, will design and install vinyl text graphics in a style and font to suit your needs.

Digital Graphics

Multicoloured digital graphics and photos will compliment your advertising needs.


Window Tinting

Solar/Energy Efficient

Window tinting films are purposely designed to stop solar heat penetration.  Over 80% of heat rejection is possible and up to 35%* energy savings can be achieved.

Window tinting films also reduce over 98% of Ultraviolet radiation. Infrared radiation, Fade and Glare are also reduced*.

Apart from complimenting the look of the building, the films also provide both day-time and night-time privacy and are available in clear, tinted, reflective, semi and non reflective styles.

All films have a toughened scratch resistant coating.

*35% energy savings can be achieved when all glass surfaces are treated and climatic conditions are optimal.

*The percentage of rejection and reduction varies with different films. Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting are happy to provide the Product Features of the films available.

In brief, window tint can provide;

  • A cooler home, office, car or boat;
  • Privacy, both day and night time;
  • Protection from Ultraviolet radiation and Infrared radiation;
  • Protection to carpets, fabrics and furnishings;
  • Reduction in glare and eye strain;
  • Better energy efficiency, reducing year round energy costs.

Security and Safety

Security and Safety films are a purposely manufactured film that is bonded securely to glass with a special strengthening adhesive designed to absorb impact and resist shattering. The film holds broken shards of glass together, decreases the risk of injury from flying glass and offers protection from severe weather and wind-borne debris.

Security and Safety films enhances safety and upgrades security, protecting property and resisting unwelcome intrusions.

Burglars and vandals, when confronted with a window fitted with security film, are less likely to persevere.

Security film is ideal for exterior usage; glass on the perimeter of premises, bus stop shelters, street signage etc, while Safety film is ideal for interior use; glass and mirrors in bathrooms and locker areas, and glass barriers and partitions, etc.


There are a number of different films available in the Frost decorative range including, sparkle, crystal, dust and haze. Opaque, Translucent and solid colour films are also available. Pre-printed designs and the option of having Company logos and graphics is also an option.

These decorative and designer films are excellent for providing privacy within a glass partitioned office environment removing the need for expensive and dust catching blinds or curtains.


Anti Graffiti, also known as vandal resistant film, is a clear sacrificial film suitable for interior and exterior surfaces such as glass, mirror, stainless steel as well as polished concrete, marble, counter tops and advertising displays.

It is designed to protect the original media from permanent and expensive damage and is easily removed and replaced when required.

Cars, Boats, Home, Office

Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting has the expertise and experience to select the correct window tinting film and install it on your car, boat, home or office.


Vehicle Graphics


We can design and install advertising signage and decorative vehicle graphics for motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks.

Large surface areas on vans and trucks provide an excellent mobile ‘billboard’ exposing your company name, logos or advertisement to thousands of people.

Vehicle Wraps

Mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions than any other form of outdoor advertising.

Compared with other forms of advertising, statistics show that on average a busy vehicle can be seen by 1000’s of people every hour.

To suit your budget and advertising needs, Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting can design and install your digital graphics on one panel only through to the whole vehicle.


From displaying your Company or Department's name, advertising, or visual digital graphics, Ace Custom Signs & Window Tinting will design and install you signage needs on boats and marine vessels

Misc. Signage

We also create safety signs, posters, labels and stickers. Basically, if its a sign, we can do it! We are also your one-stop shop for large format digital graphics.